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About GGS-Sachdeva Group

GGS-Sachdeva Group of Educational Institutions since its inception 2002 has been known to bring innovation in the field of education. In the stifling education environment of India, the group has covered extra miles to bring the best practices in the field of education. Within the ambit of university syllabus, GGS-Sachdeva Group of Educational Institutions has been known to bring latest thinking and innovation in the programs offered on its campuses. GGS-Sachdeva Group of Educational Institutions was founded on one simple philosophy to create best teaching and learning environment in the world. Teaching philosophy is based on one key differential in pedagogy than any other college on the planet. We believe in not telling or teaching, but showing the student what to expect and how to handle Technology and Business environment. Students of GGS-Sachdeva Group are mentored during their entire stay by their seniors, teachers and industry leaders. We focus on providing global exposure to all the students. Our campus is visited by eminent faculty academia from India and abroad, and our strong national and international linkages make it easy for our students to get global exposure. GGS-Sachdeva is the right choice for you because the organization strives hard to educate students and ensures that they are exclusively equipped to make inspired and innovative contributions in their chosen industries and workplaces. Apart from this, Innovative courses, approachable Locations and mutual cooperation amongst its employees are just some of the reasons which bring the college on forefront. Studying in GGS-SACHDEVA Group will be a great experience for you because you will be able to share your knowledge with best brains and interact with communities from various sections of the society within campus itself. Your long-term career prospects will be enhanced and the experience will develop self-confidence, independence, and cross-cultural skills, which are sought after by employees world-wide. It is no secret that GGS-Sachdeva Group is an emerging and promising educational hub and will lead the educational revolution in the 21st century. Consequently, the emphasis is on nurturing natural talent and helping the individual to achieve his true potential. We aim to embrace this status and rank by offering quality training and assessment through a team of highly qualified and experienced trainers, and continuously bringing our already impressive training facilities and resources up to date. As well, the Institute has a Wi Fi hostel in the campus with a capacity to accommodate 600 students. The fully Wi-Fi enabled campus has abundant full time/visiting faculties, well stocked libraries, cafeteria, messes, a grooming centre for both men and women and juice corner thereby providing a stimulating and enabling environment. The Sachdeva colleges offer an environment where the ideas and contributions of all the students are respected. Besides it, academic and personal support services are provided to ensure that all the students have an opportunity to achieve academic and career success. Nevertheless, it should be noted that each individual is a different and unique entity with his/her own strengths and weaknesses which will determine their performance/placements. YES, we have the best brains from all over India in different streams of Engineering & Management and we are determined to do everything possible for your success.
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