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Master of Science in Information Technology

Master of science in information Technology 40

MS(IT) provides a 2 year, (4 semesters) post graduate IT education which emphasizes project-based curriculum. The educational process is based on Learning by Doing methodology and use personalized mentoring, instead of conventional classroom teaching. The learning modules use online content where lectures play a secondary role in the form web based tutored video. The student evaluation is based on demonstrating mastery of the concepts by completing the assigned tasks. MS(IT) attempts to create a corporate-style work environment, where the students work in teams aiming to attain a high level of excellence. In first year, students complete a 6 mini-semester (duration of each mini-semester is 8 weeks) comprehensive curriculum in IT and in the second year they undertake domain specialization and a large scale project in topics including Software Engineering, eCommerce, Computer Networking and Language Technologies.
2 years.
Eligibility Criteria
Graduation in Computer Science.